6 Minutes of Fame 

Eymins Accounts is based in Wellington and offers a full range of bookkeeping, Payroll, and credit control Services and year end preparation of ax returns nationwide with excellent customer focus and very competitive rates.I work alongside Accounts Online who are qualified accountants that support me and my clients who are also Venus members.I understand that each client is unique and special, and we have solutions to cater for small/medium sized business needs.We offer a wide range of software and our focus is on simple, easy and fast solutions so you can get on with what you love doing.  Some of the software solutions that I want to share with you are:·  Accounts Online developed an online bill payment software solution alled CRED-it  (www.cred-it.co.nz) that manages your supplier invoices and is excellent for cafes, restaurants, hotels, retailers and businesses that have a lot of suppliers.  You can scan your invoices so you can save on storage, CRED-it also creates a batch for the PC banking software, CRED-it sends an electronic remittance to your suppliers letting them know what you have paid or part paid, plus CRED-it makes accountant’s happy because it provides a payables analysis report by code detailed or summarised which  businesses have to supply to their accountants at year end.·        
BankLink is the most popular accounting software and is very fast and requires no ticking or okaying like Xero;  We also offer a FREE Invoicing software for clients that need to manage their customers called InvoicePLus.·        

Online accounting software has BankLink feeds,  and is also quick and caters for clients that want a cost effective online solution that requires no ticking or matching of your Bank statement data like Xero; Suits clients that have a need for invoicing as well.·        
BankLink Accountant’s Practice software – This software is only offered  to clients that have multiple companies ie 3 or more and has some amazing features like: if you are with BNZ bank for each of your businesses, and you teach the software to master memorise bank fees, when you open each file they are automatically coded saving a lot of time.  Whereas MYOB BankLink, MYOB Online accounting and Xero you have to open up each file and teach each transaction.·        
Online accounting software – is a fully integrated solution, and requires you to match each transaction. The software offers extensive add on products.· I am also a Xero Partner.       
Payroll – Takes care of filing your PAYE/Kiwisaver returns and payments so all you need to do is enter the hours, and pay the staff.  But if you do not want to pay the staff,Crystal payroll will attend to this for you. A service that is tailored to your needs.   If you go on holiday and give the responsibility to another staff member you can switch the hourly rate off so the person entering the hours cannot see the other staff members pay rates. If you join the payroll service you will receive 1 hour FREE training from the supplier.  ·        
Invoicing (Cashbook Complete) – Which is good for Batch invoicing for clubs, Florists have corporate clients, and it has a real neat feature a rubber button, so if you print an invoice and see you have made a mistake you
can take it back one step and edit it and send it.·        
Dropbox – 

To manage documents, and other important information.The services are varied depending on what you want:We offer Onsite or online training and we pride ourselves on giving that upfront training if clients would like to manage their own day to day coding, GST and reporting. 98% of the clients are trained to manage their day to day coding and GST, however, if you do not want to manage your day to day GST and reporting then we can take care of that for you.·if you are a client that manages your own GST filing, and are going overseas we can take care of that for you while you are away. One important and often overlooked area is the preparation for Selling your business.  Do not leave this till later on because no one knows what is around the corner.  In the accounting software we can back out the private influence and it is an interesting way of looking at your business from another perspective.Our whole is approach is Less is more – You do not make money doing your books, but you must watch the costs.If the Inland Revenue have announced Simplified Reporting
(SPFR) and lowered the bar, then in a recent article they mentioned there is a potential 90 million dollar saving for small/medium businesses.  I welcome you to request a quote and see if I can help you.