What we do.

Eymins Accounts is based in Waikanae and offers a full range of Bookkeeping and Payroll Services .


EyminS AccountS Ltd bookkeeping service being made available to small businesses, self-employed, home-based businesses, and individuals in the Greater Market area. 

Eymins Accounts Ltd can deliver at an affordable price, a package tailored to suit your needs nationwide across New Zealand or work remotely Nationwide.


Outsourcing is an effective method to reduce your overheads with the confidence that you have a professional dealing with your business needs.


In addition to cost savings, it provides you with more time to focus your resources on your core business.



Let me help you sort, organize & handle all the mountains of paper that stack up – even for a small/medium business.


Relieve yourself of the stress of a never-ending day. You need time with your family and time to rest. Handling your own bookkeeping, payroll after a full workday or after dinner time can be exhausting.

Delegate to professionals who have the time and expertise to get it done right the first time.



Good financial records put you in control. You will be more profitable since you can
react quickly to business challenges and trends. 


Employing a bookkeeper in-house is expensive. The cost includes not just salary, but other direct costs like payroll taxes, sickness
holiday, plus the expense of hiring and training a new employee. 



As a way to avoid the hassle, do as many other businesses, outsource your payroll with EyminS AccountS Limited . 

Outsourcing your Payroll can reduce the frustration of making sure employees are correctly paid on time, while also assuring the business is compliant with all payroll-associated tax regulations.

Considering using a payroll service for your business? If you’re looking for information to help you choose the service that’s right for you, contact us . 

Virtual Assistant Services: 

A virtual assistant (typically abbreviated to VA, also called a virtual office assistant)is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office. Because virtual assistants are independent contractors rather than employees, clients are not responsible for any employee-related taxes, insurance or benefits, except in the context that those indirect expenses are included in the VA's fees. Clients also avoid the logistical problem of providing extra office space, equipment or supplies....

Whether you need help coordinating and scheduling meetings, making purchases, booking travel, making hotel reservation, doing bookkeeping, payroll, GST Return, Year End, Administrative tasks, customers services, invoicing, answering or making calls, sending appointments reminders, etc..EyminS AccountS Ltd provides virtual executive assistants for entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses and startup owners.

As a business owner, your time is best spent running and growing your business — not getting bogged down by routine tasks and growing to-do lists. Virtual assistants help busy business owners stay more productive and organized at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee. 

Already thought to outsource your services?

Sylvie is a capable, experienced person who can advise you, and give you support to help ensure your business is successful, profitable and operating to maximum efficiency.Sylvie offers an individual and flexible service tailored to your business with the assurance that EyminS AccountS will be your "one stop shop" for all your requirements.

 Working from:

  •  Home

    The practice of working from home for a business and communicating through the use of a personal computer equipped with modem and communications software .


  • Mobile

    The practice of working from your office for your business and using your computer equipment and software.